CubeON is a social service platform based on the fourth generation blockchain (Cube Chain), which is an open network. Members of this network, called peer-to-peer nodes, may receive new rewards in accordance with the consent of other members and their voluntary contributions.

CubeON allows you to generate different content as a Creator. The Creator can receive voluntary donations from the participants through such function as contributions in the form of “bet” or “work”. If points are accumulated after evaluation, then the Creator can be rewarded with tokens. Donated points may also allow the Creator to obtain permission to open their marketplace in the selected category within CubeChat.

ASM in CubeON is an individualized AI-based service that can interact with customers by analyzing the big amount of data. Legal entities that are members of CubeON can configure an existing call center feature on this platform. Moreover, this IM-chatbot based on the messenger can formulate optimal answers using the accumulated amount of data of the legal entity. Companies can reduce the costs necessary to carry out their activities and reward customers with tokens that use ASM instead of the existing call center.

Using ASM and CubeChat as blockchain services, it is possible to carry out the process safely and quickly. All data are stored in the registry, and the transactions can act as contracts. This means that people can not only use these services to obtain information, but also to enter into these contracts with each other.

Cube Chain is a fourth-generation blockchain, improved by solving the problem of speed and data updates required to generate blocks and certify agreements (the most significant drawbacks of existing blockchains), using the technology of cubing. Cube Chain is a new concept of blockchain technology, which is characterized by high speed, double verification, data statistics and escrow functions. CubeON demonstrates how the technology of the blockchain is changing the world and allows companies and individuals to benefit from new services as members, voluntarily supporting peer-to-peer transactions of different parties with specific business models.

CubeON Token

Cube Chain (QUB)

Total quantity: 12000000000 QUB

Cube generation cycle: 180 seconds

Transaction speed: 100 times per second

Algorithm: SHA-256

Consensus: POH (Hybrid POW+POS)

Participation requirements at the POS: at least 5000 QUB in the wallet

Development start date: January 2017

Listing: several exchanges (discussed)

Cube Chain uses a hybrid method of POW and POS. It increases the initial stage of POW to give the network stability and gradually introduces POS in order to reduce the waste of resources. Thanks to the registry, wallet, and escrow, smart contracts can be implemented. The technology called cubing, which is a double verification of data, provides the ability to process and store data more safely and accurately.

Weegle is a new concept of messenger application that users share to view online content (for example, YouTube, movies, videos, dramas, and news) while communicating with each other.

Weegle Features

Streaming chat for real-time interaction between viewers

Automatic deletion of general information within the room for security purposes

The connection of Weegle to home appliances via the Internet for convenience

Purchase any goods through Weegle by clicking on the links of online stores in the process of live broadcasting

CubeChat is a peer-to-peer trading blockchain messenger that is an updated version of Weegle. Companies and individuals can buy products and services from each other via QUB while using the messenger. The team is working on creating a billing service for online content and will negotiate with shipping services to establish offline deliveries.

CubeChat is not just a messenger, but also a new trading platform that allows you to carry out direct peer-to-peer transactions. These service functions are possible thanks to the e-wallet, register, coin (QUB) and the Cube Chain escrow service.




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