The core of knowledge economy of the technology industry is data, machine learning, and algorithms. Hence, it is every company’s ambition to scale up and make it more and more feasible and convenient for the users.




CubeON is a social blockchain service that is created using the 4th generation cube chain, which is the open network. It is a content creation platform where the user can create a variety of content. They are then entitled to receive donations in the form of ‘stake’ or ‘work’ contributions. After a certain fixed point, the creator can be rewarded with tokens.


The Ecosystem

CubeON can be treated as a marketplace for individual transactions. Here, the users can open new room to experience a new way of transaction. They are eligible to trade online content such as webtoons, MP3s, videos, and pictures. In the situation of non-online content, users can launch new products via live broadcasting. For example, the users can just become a shopping mall host directly.


CubeON is built on the blockchain technology. They have integrated AI and machine learning techniques to build enterprise call centers for customers. The blockchain technology helps them have a secure transaction and it comes with the highest level of transparency. Machine Learning technology brings in various benefits and features such as deep learning, neural network, natural language processing, etc.





They have created an algorithm that will make a judgement and predicts based on analyzing data and learns through analysis. For instance, they use methods such as decisive learning, inductive logic programming, clustering, and reinforcement learning.


CubeON’s ASM processes big data generated on the platform to help individuals make better decisions or to deploy a leading business model to provide participation for users. When repeatedly interacting with the representatives takes place, we can expect more meaningful results. Cube Chain is planning to open various online services that require a public database and publish cryptocurrency with reinforcement technology.

The data for using service is collected from the service opening. Difficulties managing big data at first are collecting original data such as transaction, log, and mobile devices. CubeON big data layer can make the process carried out by step, and the developer can collect various data at any speed.


ICO and token sale

The name of the token is called Cube Chain and it is denoted by the Symbol QUB. They have created a total amount of 12 billion QUB for 50 years. The cost of exchange is set at 1 ETH=8,000 QUB. The Exchange can take place in the form of Korean and International Exchanges.

Regarding the Crowdfunding details, the Crowdfunding Amount is fixed for 300 million (2.5% of the total). They are planning to distribute the tokens in the month of June and in September, the token will be distributed and exchanged to QUB. Do visit their website to know more information about their crowdfunding.



Cube Chain is bringing about ‘Digital Transformation to improve innovation and productivity in various industries. They have created a new method of storing and transmitting block data via cubes using a distributed computer network.


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