Over the past few decades, the world of retail trade has been changed dramatically. In 2018, the total volume of e-commerce sales will reach one-tenth of the total retail market sales around the world, and by 2020 it will cost more than $ 4 trillion. Sales around the world are growing every year with double digits and will continue to do so in the near future.

However, despite the rapid growth of e-commerce, there are many problems in the industry. Some of these problems are unreliable sellers and products, a lengthy authorization process and high transaction costs and the inability to keep up with the rapid growth of Blockchain technology.

The Peur market has found a solution to these problems.

Peur is an application that is enough to cover the entire market. Their task is to develop and implement an advanced transaction system to help small businesses and B2B, B2C and service providers enterprises grow together.

They do this as follows:

Creating a global decentralized wage system and market system.

They made the payment process simple and effective with one click.

Helping traders get money faster, with fewer fees for guaranteed payroll, built into a smart contract.

By allowing the merchant to accept the mobile payment.

They bring the savings of a token based on Ethereum to everyday life.

Thus, this means that there are no more banks, there are no more middlemen and only direct payments that can be made around the clock. The payment platform is available all over the world, without interrupting borders, countries or governments, making it a truly decentralized market.

Flexible pricing policy: The Peur delivery model allows the user to pay for a personalized individual subscription for each month, which ensures that they will never pay more than they need.

A universal gift: their professional team and reliable solutions for calculating wages serve you anywhere in the world.

Low overhead. Using a secure platform instead of their own system, they can reduce overall investment in software, hardware, and other valuable resources.

Strict security protocols: they are vigilant in monitoring and maintaining their security standards, ensuring the protection of the user’s confidential information.

Provides business continuity: they provide an unhindered transfer of knowledge without documented systems and data recovery plans, even if your company changes its infrastructure.

PeurCoin is a digital crypto-currency that is compatible with ERC20, created on the block of Ethereum. This is a speculative cryptocurrency that can be used for short and long-term investments, transfer money to their peers, buy goods/services and as a currency for calculating wages. A total of 200 million PURC tokens will be available, of which 130 million will be available for sale in Pre ICO and ICO. They have a hardcage of $ 25 million and a soft store of $ 2.5 million. ICO starts on April 24, 2018, and ends on May 28, 2018. Investors receive a PURC token within 7 days after the ICO.

Accepted currencies:

65% of the total volume of tokens will be allocated for sale, 8.75% will be distributed to the Peur Development team, 21.15% are reserved for Peur communities, 2.5% for its shareholders, and 2.6% for their Bounty campaign.

50% of the funds raised during the public sale will be allocated for the marketing campaign, 25% will be allocated for regulation, 15% are reserved for Equity Capital, and 10% will be issued for research and development platform.




As the blocking community and e-commerce grow, the popularity of the Peur Marketplace will inevitably increase. They will stimulate innovation in online shopping.

Links for further info:

• Official website: https://www.peur.io
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peur.token
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Peurtoken

Bountyhive Username: Baykot
Referral Link: https://bountyhive.io/join/Peur?from=Baykot


  1. They acquainted visitors with novelties and advantages of the company, and also with the vision of market development prospects.

  2. As the market develops rapidly, importance of systematic market data collection and analysis has increased.

  3. This fact and the representative character of the exhibition reflect a dynamical development of the market.

  4. if seen projects that work with Bountyhive lately is not lonely enthusiasts and liked a lot of people, but need an attractive market strategy

  5. The Peer token payment service serves market merchants revolutionizing traditional payment processors.

  6. Peur is a truly decentralized marketplace and used as payroll integration. Peur platform is a brand new innovation and unique marketplace …

  7. Peur is a truly decentralized marketplace and used as payroll integration. Peur platform is a brand new innovation and unique marketplace service that allows anyone from beginners to experts

  8. They provide the best knowledge and simplest technique to enter the growing distributed economy. Peur platform is built on top of Blockchain technology to leverage security and transparency. It can be exchange directly to fiat or other cryptocurrencies from Peur mobile app.

  9. trustworthy and reputable marketplace solution for millions of products and services marketplace worldwide

  10. Peur is a simple and powerful crypto marketplace for everyone. Everything you need is available on your smartphones with one simple touch.

  11. Permanently increasing demand due to our unique buy‐back program, $1 trillion market and growing network around the world

  12. Submit payment instructions — Ensure accurate payment for your employees by sending your monthly payment instructions, so we can arrange payment for you.


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