This article discusses the new promising ICO GYM REWARDS project and the GYM token.

The GYM REWARDS project created its token and brought it to the Ethereum system.

The uniqueness of the platform lies in the unusual basis for financial systems. This system can serve as an excellent motivation for sports. This technology is developed in conjunction with fitness companies, gyms in the United States. However, this system is now being studied with interest in other countries. Prominent financial analysts of the world agree that this project is not only viable but also profitable and promising.

The idea of the project is that while practicing in the gym, the participant receives tokens, which can later be transferred to cryptocurrency, monetary compensation.

A huge advantage of this project is that the creation of tokens (and later cryptographic currency) does not require any powerplant, powerful computers. There is no need for special abilities and skills in writing texts or surfing the Internet. Your own body should be ready for physical exercises and a little perseverance.

This platform is a new step towards the development of the Blockchain system. At the same time, this system helps to strengthen the Health and physical activity of GYM participants.

The features of the GYM system are enhanced by the fact that it accepts not only its own funds but also Ethereum and Plata.

Reward system in the project

The Plata platform facilitates evidence exercises, free contracts and the receipt of commissions. The peculiarity of these terms is that commissions are based on the token, not on cryptocurrency.

Gym accruals principle

First of all, let’s find out what POE means. It includes rewards based on contracts that are activated by monitoring the participant’s location in navigation indicators and recording heartbeats using the app on the mobile phone.

The preliminary amounts of rewards in training are as follows:

– 10-minute training – 1666667 GYM/min;

– hour training – 10 GRM/h.

The aim of the GYM

GYM system is designed to motivate people to exercise, practice gymnastics, improve their health. At the same time, the new currency will be developed in the Blockchain space, which will continue to operate freely in the Cypriot market and will compete with other currencies.

This project is just a godsend for those who do not have the financial or physical ability to extract other types of currencies. The process of mining cryptocurrency, as a rule, requires investments of money or other abilities that are not available to everyone. GIM tokens are provided only due to the physical abilities of the body. Heart rate, reliable visit to the gym, intensity, and duration of training are taken into account.


The majority of people have a weak motivation for going to the gym, because it is hard to go for training in the evening, after work, when you feel tired and want to stay at home, watch TV, or it is necessary to stay at work, to be employed for additional work to provide higher income.

Participation in GYM will help to solve all these problems, since going to the gym is not just a free pastime. It’s an investment in future earnings as well as investing in their own health. That is, this project is intended not only to introduce a new currency into the system of cryptocurrencies but also to help project participants to improve their health, strengthen muscles and improve appearance.

Project organization

Due to the Ethereum Blockchain platform, a decentralized system of proofs of exercises has been developed. There is the developed GYM Rewards mobile application. Due to its application, the training process is recorded and tokens are credited for participating in GYM. The more you train, the more tokens will be added. These tokens (GYM Rewards Tokens) can be redeemed at the local gym and exchanged for cryptocurrencies.

The process of training and accruals in GYM

– download the application,

– run app and heart rate monitor,

– practice and get the accrual in GYM.

Participation in sports events and competitions can bring even more tokens because GYM has also introduced a referral program. You should:

– Register the event on the GYM Regards website.

– Promote rewards to event attendees and help them download the app through the QR code referral.

– Earn 0.5% of all participants.

– In the future – you should continue to earn your commission from the income of each referral.

Referral program

If the gym or fitness room is not registered in the GYM system, the project participant can become a sponsor for and start making money. Thus, you should:

– Register the gym on the GYM Regards website.

– Receive confirmation.

– Promote the GYM project and acquaint the visitors with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, talk about the application and help to download the application via QR code referral.

– Earn 0.5% of the cryptocurrency accrual of each referral.

GYM Rewards app

GYM Rewards app allows you to track your own progress and income, income from connected referrals. The application will allow you to manage your wallet, optimize exercises depending on medical instructions.

The app includes:

– Elements of geo-location.

– Heart rate monitoring.

– Exercise log.

– Cryptocurrency wallet.

The GYM project team

GYM Reward’s team consists of experienced experts in the field of computer, medical and sports technologies. The team continues to grow and strengthen because the constant modernization and improvement are necessary to obtain new knowledge and additional skills.

In any case, the GYM team strives to achieve the success of this platform, the release of the new currency to the cryptographic market, ensuring the durability of the project, stability, and competitiveness of the currency.

I want to wish stability, confidence, well-being and welfare, the profitability of any investment platforms to the future investors of the GYM project. However, first of all, I want you to be healthy. Investing in GYM, your investment not only in a reliable currency but also in your own health, in the health of your family and the whole nation.

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  8. The GYM Rewards app is a patent pending app that rewards you for exercising at the GYM by introducing Proof of Exercise to the blockchain. The more you exercise at the GYM, the more GYM Coins you will earn. GYM Coins are redeemable at your local participating gyms and will be tradable at participating cryptocurrency exchanges.

  9. The GYM Rewards project consists of an entire solution to support getting paid for exercising. From the Blockchain that supports Proof of Exercise to the GYM Rewards Exchange for gymnasiums and other partners to come and exchange GYM Tokens. There is no need to wait for exchanges to support GYM and there is no need to take the risk of getting stuck with useless tokens.

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