The founder of the cryptocurrency start-up Savedroid seems to have completed his ICO with a scam. On Wednesday, the site of the German company unexpectedly began to work in an offline mode, now on the screen saver is an image of the meme “Aannd It’s Gone” from South Park.

Since then, investors have not received a single message. Meanwhile, Yasin Khankir, founder, and CEO of the project has posted a message on Twitter with his photo at the airport and then on the beach with a bottle of beer.

“Thanks guys! Over and out … # savedroidICO” – cites.

According to the German business portal WirtschaftsWoche, during the ICO Savedroid about € 40 million or about $ 50 million was collected. It was expected that the company was creating an application based on artificial intelligence, through which users could automatically invest in cryptocurrencies and related derivatives. The project also promised to issue a crypto credit card, which is quite common among fraudulent ICOs.

At the time of this article writing, Savedroid’s social networking accounts were still active. The most recent publication is dated April 15. It offers an internship at the position of the CMM-manager. In addition, a week ago Khankir answered questions on the air. That is why investors were completely unprepared for the scam.

Excluding the possibility that this is an unfortunate and ill-conceived publicity stunt, it seems that Savedroid is one of the last startups-scam that pocketed clients’ funds.

Unfortunately, such incidents have become quite common. Recently, Bitcoinn2Gen along with the brand ambassador Steven Seagal after the ICO published a press release about his “leaving” of the project.

One more site disappeared after the incident when users found a picture of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling instead of a team member photo.

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