Smart contract and blockchain technologies are gradually introduced into all spheres of human activity. Companies carry out their ICO, and the near future will see the development of applications and services supported by cryptocurrencies.

Health care is no exception. The blockchain-based system allows patients to monitor their medical histories, and help providers to provide better care according to customer requests.

The current health – care system stands between the difficult choice of taking care of the individuality and the economic benefits of treatment. Blockchain technologies make it possible to reduce the cost of services, focus on the individuality, offering the necessary range of services to a particular person, as well as to make it possible to interact with patients, doctors, laboratories, insurance companies, etc.

What solutions does the SSOT-blockchain platform offer?

  1. SecuredPHR is the first medical app developed on the blockchain platform to store your personal medical data.


* Keep personal data up to date;

* Integration into any medical system;

* Authorization at the request of the user;

* Different levels of access to the patient;

* Ability to export data in the CCR format;

* Data are protected;

* Create an SSOT-ID account.

  1. Secured Pharma is the first innovative pharmaceutical company. The built-in AI-based algorithm helps buyers, pharmacies and drug manufacturers.


* Facilitates authorization, reduces the cost and streamlines the process of distribution of medicines;

* Simplifies expert advice with smart contracts and machine learning;

* Reduces the time of distribution of medicines to 90%.

  1. Secured Claims-application for fraud protection in different areas of business and in the insurance industry.


* Real-time resolution of issues;

* Reduction in the cost of insurance companies’ services while improving the quality of services;

* Elimination of errors.


SEHR is a restricted token. It corresponds to ERC20. In total, 1 billion tokens will be issued.

The price for a token on the Pre-Sale is 0.03$.

30% bonus during Pre-Sale

500 million tokens will be offered during sales, 500 million – will be reserved for the team, community and Fund.

The start of preliminary sales is scheduled for the end of April-beginning of May 2018. It is necessary to register in the white list.


Moses Rajan: co-Founder, 25 years of experience in the field of health. He is an entrepreneur with 4 startups in healthcare and analytics. He has MBA and MS from Brandeis University, USA and was educated at Harvard University, Cambridge. IBM Certified Developer Blockchain.

Jay Chaudhry: co-Founder, 21-years of experience in the use of technology. He is an entrepreneur with 2 startups in healthcare and Analytics. Has MS from BayBath University, USA.

Dr.Kalyan Kalwa, MD: 25 years of experience in the field of health. He is an entrepreneur with 17 start-ups in healthcare and Analytics. Dr. Kalwa is a physician and founder of Health Innovation, Cambridge MA.

Mohit Verma: 30 years of experience in insurance. He is an expert in the field of architecture and performance solutions. He has MS from University of Brandeis, USA.

Dr.Daniel Prabakaran: 30 years of experience in the field of biotechnology, pharmacy and the healthcare industry. He is an entrepreneur with 7 startups in healthcare and analytics. He is a Postdoc of Harvard University, Cambridge.


The healthcare sector is one of the most demanded, necessary and actual directions of our life. Today’s reality requires change and improvement. Of course, blockchain and smart contract technologies allow us to ensure the safety, confidentiality and data management, optimize the offers of medical organizations and improve the service. Therefore, there will likely appear more and more applications and services in this direction.

If we talk specifically about this project, it should be noted that all participants in the sphere are involved, which, of course, is a plus. As for the minuses: there should be more tailored information on the official website, and in the White Paper. The concept and method of monetization are not fully explained, which suggests that the creators have not fully thought through their project yet.

In any case, there is still time to study the information before deciding on investing in this ICO.

All important information can be found here:


  1. I fully agree that health care is between the difficult choice to take care of the individual and to receive economic benefits from the treatment as it is convenient for them!!!

  2. Such a medical platform should be a real find in medical practice not only for doctors, but also for patients.

  3. I agree that progress does not stand still and it is not surprising that blockchain is being introduced into healthcare.

  4. I believe that such a platform has a great future, besides, it is very convenient.

  5. Good morning. This platform very lucrative and paid money peoples. Respect avtors site and platform and thanks for attention.

  6. Kind all the time of day.
    The project is certainly grandiose and interesting, and the main idea of this application is innovative.
    I really liked the idea of the project.

  7. The blockchain – based system has a great future. If this system will keep the entire history of patients, then the medicine will be even more effective.

  8. SEHR is a necessary element — a fuel — for operating the distributed application platform SSOT Health Network. It is a form of payment made by the clients of the platform to the machines executing the requested operations.

  9. To put it another way, SEHR is the incentive ensuring that developers write quality applications (wasteful code costs more), and that the network remains healthy (people are compensated for their contributed resources).

  10. SSOT Health, based in Cambridge MA, is no profit open source foundation is striving to re-engineer Healthcare. SSOT Health’s Smartcontracts and Blockchain powered health information network (HIN) which can fundamentally re-engineer the current healthcare systems and networks.

  11. This system of networks have potential to improve the seamless inter operability, cyber security and ultimately achieve meaningful use of the patients data

  12. It is a good platform that makes sure that patients have less hassle in getting to the doctor and makes sure that the patient does not overpay for the services of medicine.

  13. All innovations offered by this platform are useful and relevant. The opportunities that the platform can provide are also very convenient and necessary. I think the platform has a great future.

  14. If all patient histories can be collected in this platform, then it simplifies the work of the medical worker and guarantees a more selective provision of medical care to the patient.


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