SocialCxN is a great marketing solution.

Cryptocurrencies have firmly established their position in the community. This thesis is confirmed very simply – there are practically no people who have never heard the word “cryptocurrency”. Thanks to the Social Wallet project, this area should become even more popular. The reason for this is the ability to create a symbiosis of social networks and cryptocurrencies.

How does it work?

Content creation

Based on their knowledge and experience, the founder can prepare personalized content for the brand. Depending on the audience of the social media, the content can be in the form of videos, articles, reviews, memes and even hashtags!

Video review

What is the aim of Social Wallet? In total, this platform is a full-fledged exchanger, which has a personal token-WIRE. Its distinctive feature is the ability to send cryptocurrency directly through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Content distribution

Brands like Influencers for the right audience! The distribution of content requires the Influencers, who spread content Brand to your audience. So the brand can reach millions of new customers, and the Influencers can monetize their hard work.

According to the developers, the popular cryptocurrencies cannot boast of a high speed of transferring their coins, and there are several reasons. The most logical one is the network built on the raw algorithm, which needs constant revision. The second reason is a large number of users inside this cryptosystem. Thanks to the unique tokens of Social Wallet, there will an opportunity to transfer coins through social networks. WIRE is a token-master. The social network will have an opportunity to use cryptocurrency assets to transfer the data. The result will be the following – the users of popular social networks will make the exchange of currency much faster, receiving additional compensation for the transfer.

Digital consulting

Brands like to engage social media experts for short-term training to help with internal digital teams. Influencers can use their expertise to work with Fortune 500 brands through webinars, real-time conversations, and individual workshops.


More information about Social Wallet token

The cost of 1 WIRE token – 0.15 USD

Minimum purchase – 100$

Maximum purchase – 150 000$ per round

What you can pay – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD)

Total amount of tokens for sale – 187 500 000 WIRE

Total amount of tokens – 250 000 WIRE

Hardcap – $28 125 000

All references to the project will be listed below. Read the information carefully and make your own decision. Ask your questions in the comments.

ICO charity programmes

ICO startups rely heavily on bonus programs as part of their marketing strategy and PR. Influencers can help these startups strengthen their campaigns and disseminate information about their activities.


Security and privacy were top priorities when creating a WIRE token.  There is a linking of your personal accounts in social networks with the Social Wallet project using EARN connection. The Social Wallet can support all the time media presence in all social networks. The data about social wallet appear in the project. The project is really unique. Social Wallet debit cards have concluded the contract from the suppliers of debit cards. All guests of this portal have the opportunity to get a debit card of the social wallet.

Read more about the token’s Social Wallet

The cost of 1 WIRE token – $ 0.15

Minimum purchase-100$

The maximum purchase is $ 150,000 per round

What you can pay-Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD)

The total amount of tokens per sale-187 500 000 WIRE

The total amount of tokens-250 000 000 WIRE

Hardcap – $28 125 000


Social Wallet provides you with a debit card, which is much like a traditional bank card. No additional configuration or knowledge is required from the user. Mining of its own currency is not provided, because all the coins have already been issued in the amount of 250 million units. The final stage of the token sale will end at the end of April 2018.

All references to the project will be listed below. Read the information carefully and make your own decision. Ask your questions in the comments.







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  1. Excellent article!!! I think the main thing is not speed, and most importantly the ability to use and then it will be the result!!!

  2. An interesting opportunity to send cryptocurrency to social networks Twitter or Facebook. I think that this opportunity will be used by many users who earn cryptocurrency.

  3. Integration of cryptocurrency in social networks will make it much easier for users to financial transactions in the network.

  4. The appearance of a social wallet in social networks will make it much easier for users to make financial transactions.

  5. This project very popular in internet. Site paid money people and people very satisfied. Respect avtors project. Thanks.

  6. Kind all the time of day.
    The project is certainly grandiose and interesting, and the main idea of the symbiosis of social networks and cryptoconversions is innovative.
    I really liked the idea of the project.

  7. It’s a good idea to create a social wallet. I believe that today it is relevant and will be in demand!

  8. With headlines like, “Millions of Dollars in Cryptocurrency Stolen by Hackers,” and “Bitcoin Forks Causes Panic as Korean Ban Looms,”

  9. cryptocurrency can seem extremely confusing, daunting, and just outright scary to someone not in the loop.

  10. We at Social Wallet know how hard it is to get into cryptocurrency and we are here to help

  11. Today, we’ll show you how to obtain some cryptocurrency, and how to purchase our token that runs our platform, WIRE. (For an abridged version, scroll to the bottom.

  12. I think this idea is interesting, ordinary users of large social networks will be able to more easily exchange cryptocurrencies and at the same time they will still be compensated.

  13. Social media today are of great importance for many people and if this project will allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies using social networks, then the social wallet has a great chance.

  14. I agree that SocialCxN this is a great marketing solution and that the social wallet for cryptocurrency exchange has all chances to become popular.

  15. Integration of cryptocurrency with social media, while for me this goal is not quite clear and requires more knowledge, but I like the idea!


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