The main advantages of The 4th Pillar project:

The possibility of full control over your personal information and savings

There is a constructive system of evaluation of employees and organizations.

The platform will allow you to directly send/receive funds and documentation all over the world with minimal costs

It will be possible to maintain a database of employees without loss of information.

Main features of the platform:

* Ability to transfer and manage four tokens

* Decentralized database of professional staff identification is available

* IPFS is equal transfer of payment statements and documents related to the work

How are the tokens transferred and managed?

A simple but effective transfer function will save time and money for both employers and employees. This gives an additional influx of capital to the organizations and the ability to save part of the salary, bonuses etc in their own wallets to the workers. There will also be a decentralized pension fund, which will be financed by the organizations where the employees work. The employees can create savings or pension funds under their control.

Decentralized database of professional identification of staff:

The core of the project is in individual databases. So, it is an identifier, which is equivalent to the current passports. That will keep your entire work history for a long period of time that will use your resume in the future. Employers will be able to search for employees anonymously based on their location, work experience and current employment status. The system will allow making automatic professional identification based on imported data from employees. Since the system is not designed for discrimination, there will be a real selection, i.e. on the basis of the task and its executors.

By tokens and ICO:

Token symbol: FOUR

Platform: Ethereum

Token: ERC20

The maximum amount of tokens: 400 000 000

For public sale: 152 000 000

Price: 1 FOUR = € 0.10

Softcap: € 2.000.000

Hardcap: €12.000.000

The distribution of tokens will be as follows:

152 000 000 (38%) are intended for public sale

152 000 000 (38%) will become a part of 4th Pillar, important for the functioning of the system and a source for the sale of B-to-B. 4th Pillar will sell tokens for organizations in Euros at a market price for a simpler and faster implementation of the platform.

50 000 000 (12.5%) belong to the founders and the team.

29 000 000 (7,25%) are intended for consultants.

10 000 000 (2,5%) to investors who help in the project.

7 000 000 (of 1.75%) are reserved for the bounty.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform has a nice interface, has an interesting idea, well-set tasks, as well as a strong, well-organized, cohesive team, which has all the necessary range of knowledge and skills for the successful implementation of the project. The entire project is aimed at solving very important problems.



Bountyhive Username: Baykot


  1. Very interesting and useful program. It will allow companies and other users not only to save time but also money. Worthy of attention of large advanced companies!

  2. This platform very popular in internet. Site give procent and people satisfied. Respect avtors is this platform.

  3. Kind all the time of day.
    The project is certainly grandiose and interesting, and the main idea of this program is innovative.
    I really liked the idea of the project.

  4. A good platform that will allow you to easily and inexpensively transfer personal data. The platform has every chance to become popular.

  5. Hello everyone humanity is entering the age of information recruitments business procedures undergo significant changes due to globalization

  6. processes that is why individuals and organizations are looking for new decentralized solutions in terms of human resource management a good progress in the rearrangement of recruitment activity has been made by a motivated team of the 4th Pillar.

  7. The fourth pillar platform empowers individuals to build a verified professional identity in the decentralized personal crypto savings fund simultaneously eating

  8. organizations to recruit based on automated and verified employment data as well as digitally transfer multiple cross-border payments and work-related documentation the four token serves as a main value connecting and fueling the fourth pillar ecosystem.

  9. I never cease to be surprised at the innovations that surround us. Soon all will not need employees, as everything will be automated.

  10. I see this platform is ideal for employers. Thanks to the platform, employers can easily find the right employee.

  11. Interestingly, this platform will preserve the entire history of work on workers. This means that the database can easily find a suitable employee.

  12. This is the technology of the XIII century. The borders of states will be conditional. 4th Pillar already now takes into account the new conditions that will arise in the labor market.

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